Preparing your swimming pool for summer in Perth

With Summer fast approaching, now is the perfect time to check that your swimming pool is in good condition, working correctly and ready to handle the demands of high usage.

Your pool pump should be in good condition, and working well.  Your pool pump circulates the water from your pool through your filtration system and then back.  A pool pump should not only work well, but be the correct size for your other filtration equipment.  A pump which is under capacity can affect the necessary filtration of your water, and just as importantly, a pump which is too strong, can damage your other equipment, or shorten the life of other equipment like your filter or chlorination system.  Ensuring your equipment is the correct size for the volume of water in your swimming pool is essential.  If you never have, it is a good idea to have your filtration equipment set-up checked by a professional even if you regularly maintain your pool yourself.

If you decide you need to replace your existing pump, it is well worth considering the new range of eco-friendly pumps available on the market today offering savings on your power bill of up to hundreds of dollars a year.

Now is also the perfect time to ensure your chlorination system is working well and is able to chlorinate your water sufficiently to cope with the upcoming peak season.  If you chlorinate your pool with a salt chlorinator, it is important to ensure the level of salt in your water is within the recommended levels for the machine to produce the right amount of chlorine to be safe to swim.  Too little, and too much salt in your water can damage your salt chlorination machine or reduce its lifespan as well as affecting your warranty.

If you have a sand filter, it is important to ensure you perform the necessary regular maintenance backwash.  Your sand filter removes dirt and other particles from the water.  Your pool pump draws the water from your swimming pool and pushes it through your filter where the dirt and other sediment gets caught in the sand.  The clean water is then pumped back into your pool.  A backwash cleans the sand in the filter and removes the dirty water through the waste facility.  A sand filter that is too clogged with dirt, leaves and other matter won’t filter properly, therefore affecting how clean the water is that your family swim in.

If you have a cartridge filter, it is necessary to remove the internal cartridges and wash them with something like your garden hose.  Dirty cartridges or ones that are clogged with dirt once again affect how clean the water being pumped back into your pool is.

Many people employ a pool professional on a regular basis to ensure that their pool water is professionally tested and balanced and their filtration equipment serviced so that they have peace of mind that when their loved ones and children are swimming in water that is clean, balanced, and most importantly is safe.

Correctly balanced pool water not only keeps your family safe, it can protect and prolong the life of your pool filtration equipment.  Ensuring the alkalinity in your pool is within the recommended levels can protect the surface of your swimming pool.  Ensuring the pH level is within the recommended levels in your pool not only helps keep the water comfortable for your skin, but also ensures that the chlorine in the water can work effectively.

The addition of a swimming pool to the family home, not only helps keep our family cool on those hot summer days, but can help keep us more active and healthy.  It is worth spending a little time now, to ensure that your pool filtration equipment will be working efficiently to provide clean, clear and safe water for your family throughout the entire upcoming summer period.

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