Sand Filters

  • AstralPool RX Series Pool and Spa Sand Filters

    The Hurlcon RX filter series uses Viron Glass Media filters. These are made from recycled plate glass and have been proven to catch more particles compared to other filters. The large capacity and higher flow rate makes it highly efficient for producing cleaner water.


    • Improved energy efficiency
    • Reduced operation costs
    • 3 sizes available
    • Seamless moulding


    • RX280   280 litres per minute
    • RX360   360 litres per minute
    • RX400   400 litres per minute
  • AstralPool E-Series Media Filter

    The E Series is a highly efficient media filter built for optimal performance. This filter is ideal for all swimming pools and spas up to 90,000 litres of water. Designed for improved efficiency, the AstralPool E series can be operated at higher flow rates and can be adjusted as needed.


    • Compact design
    • Improved efficiency
    • 3 sizes available
    • Ideal for up to 90,000 litres of water
    • Multiport valve

    Contact Blue Gum Pool and Spa Service for installation services of filtration systems for your pool and spa. Call 0408 941 417 for a free quote today.

Swimming Pool Sand Filter Systems in Perth

Filtration systems are perhaps the most important piece of equipment for all swimming pools. These systems keep pools safe and clean by filtering the water of dirty contaminants. The pool pump pushes the water through a filter which then cycles the clean water back into the pool.

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