Salt Chlorinators

  • AstralPool VX Series Salt Chlorinators

    Chlorine is necessary to sanitise and keep pools clean. Manually changing the chlorine levels of your pool can be hazardous. Too much exposure to these chemicals can cause eye irritation, itchy skin and even allergic reactions for some swimming. The AstralPool VX salt chlorinator takes the guess work out as it continuously generates the precise amount of chlorine for your pool or spa.


    • Output levels can be easily adjusted with the touchpad
    • User friendly control system
    • Operating hours can be changed
    • Self cleaning mechanism
    • Right amount of chlorine is added


    • VX7S Chlorinator (25g chlorine – up to 50,000lts)
    • VX7T Chlorinator with Time Clock (25g chlorine – up to 50,000lts)
    • VX9T Chlorinator with Time Clock (30g chlorine – up to 75,000lts)
    • VX9TL Chlorinator with Time Clock & Light (30g chlorine – up to 75,000lts)
    • VX11T Chlorinator with Time Clock (42g chlorine – up to 100,000lts)

    For discounts on the AstralPool VX salt chlorinator, contact us today at 0408 951 417.

  • AstralPool Viron Salt Chlorinators

    The AstralPool Viron Salt Chlorinator is highly efficient and reliable for all pools or spas. The advanced electronic power supply are able to produce the precise amount of chlorine with low power consumption. The AstralPool Viron can be easily programmed using the touchpad. This device keeps energy costs to a minimum while keeping pools clean and healthy.


    • Sophisticated self cleaning
    • Reliable construction
    • Improved energy efficiency
    • Filter backwash time


    • V18 Viron Salt Chlorinator 18gm/h up to 30,000lts
    • V25 Viron Salt Chlorinator 25gm/h up to 50,000lts
    • V35 Viron Salt Chlorinator 35gm/h up to 75,000lts
    • V45 Viron Sat Chlorinator 45gm/h up to 100,000lts
  • AstralPool Viron pH Salt Chlorinators

    The AstralPool Viron pH is one of the most efficient and reliable salt chlorinators available on the market. This device takes salt added into your pool and converts it into chlorine by sending a low voltage through the electrolytic plates. The pool or spa is then properly sanitised and prevents all bacteria from forming.

    One downside is that producing chlorine from salt affects pH levels. When this happens, the chlorine becomes less effective and eventually requires even more chlorine to keep the water clean. The AstralPool Viron pH salt chlorinator was specifically built with a sophisticated sensor that automatically adjusts the pH to optimal levels.


    • Improved energy efficiency
    • Balances chlorine levels automatically
    • Sophisticated self cleaning mechanism
    • Low power consumption
    • Energy efficient switch mode power supply
    • Automatically balances water
    • Intelligent self cleaning
    • Reduces chlorine and saves power


    • V18 pH Viron Salt Chlorinator 18gm/h up to 36,000lts
    • V25 pH Viron Salt Chlorinator 25gm/h up to 60,000lts
    • V35 pH Viron Salt Chlorinator 35gm/h up to 90,000lts
    • V45 pH Viron Salt Chlorinator 45gm/h up to 120,000lts

    At Blue Gum Pool and Spa Service, we can help you get started with a salt chlorinator for our pool or spa. Call us today at 0408 951 417 for details.

Chlorinators For Swimming Pools Across Western Australia

Your swimming requires a certain level of chlorine for sanitary purposes. Too much of it can cause eye and skin irritation, too little could lead to unsanitary water, potentially leading to serious health risks.

The pH levels need to be just right. Every swimming pool has its own unique shape and size so the amount of chlorine to add varies. Failing to check these levels or keep them at optimal levels is simply irresponsible and hazardous.

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