Pool Cleaner

  • The PoolCleaner 2 Wheel Suction Cleaner

    This model uses the existing pump and filter in your pool for power, and plugs directly into either the suction or skimmer. The 2x Suction PoolCleaner is better suited for average sized swimming pools. The cleaner also comes with a 3 + 3 year warranty.

    Self Adjusting Turbines

    What differentiates the PoolCleaner from other cleaners is its patented self-adjusting turbines. These are designed with adjustable blades that continue to move at low suction and low pressure. The folding vanes from the turbine maximize power from the water flow while allowing for better flow of debris through the machine.

    Steering System

    Built with a sophisticated internal steering system, the PoolCleaner is able to cover the deep and shallow ends of your swimming pool. The model comes with five different programmable settings ranging from 90 to 450 degrees, allowing it successfully navigate through uneven surfaces.

    Robust Tire Treads

    Most automatic pool cleaners on the market have poor tread on the bottom, but the PoolCleaner is built with patented tire treads. This gives the machine better climbing ability and maneuverability through tough obstacles, making it even more practical for any swimming pool surface.

    Adjustable Skirt

    Another unique feature of the PoolCleaner is the adjustable skirts which automatically lift when the machine encounters an obstacle. This allows the machine to maintain optimal suction in any condition.

    Contact us today for more details about installations for the PoolCleaner model.

  • Maytronics Dolphin Pool Cleaners

    Robot pool cleaners from Maytronics are designed to deliver high performance pool cleaning in the most efficient manner possible. Every Dolphin pool cleaner comes equipped with advanced features that are able to handle any cleaning task.

    The Supreme range offers the very best in pool cleaning.

    Dolphin Supreme M5 Liberty

    • Completely cordless – A world first
    • Built in gyroscope allows for more efficient scanning
    • Improved efficiency
    • Multi-motor tank style steering provides comprehensive coverage
    • 3 year warranty, 2 years for battery

    Dolphin Supreme M5

    • Includes a waterline scrubbing feature that gives a sparkling finish
    • Ideal for pools up to 12m
    • Remote control gives better control
    • Intelligent scanning features
    • Covers floor and coves
    • Cartridge filter deliver ultra fine filtering
    • 3 year warranty

    Dolphin Supreme M4 Supreme

    • Intelligent scanning provides optimum coverage
    • Cartridge filter delivers exceptional filtering
    • Effective cleans and scrubs all surfaces
    • Suitable for pools up to 12m
    • 3 year warranty

    Dolphin Supreme M3

    • Intelligent scanning for comprehensive cleaning and scrubbing
    • Suits pools of sizes up to 12m
    • 2 year warranty
  • Dolphin Swash

    The Dolphin Swash range also provides excellent value for every swimming pool.

    Dolphin Swash CL

    • Efficiently filters pools up to 10m
    • Powerful scrubbing for clean surfaces
    • Completely autonomous
    • Low energy consumption
    • 2 year warranty on all parts

    Dolphin Swash

    • Lightweight and easy to handle
    • Programmable features
    • No connections to the pool necessary
    • Intelligent scanning for comprehensive coverage
    • Easy maintenance
    • 1 year warranty

    At Blue Gum Pool and Spa Service, we can help you identify exactly what type of pool cleaner is best suited for maximum results for your pool and existing filtration equipment.

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Professional Pool Cleaning Services Throughout Western Australia

Swimming pools need to be properly maintained otherwise the accumulation of dirt and other debris could eventually lead to health concerns. Maintaining a pool or spa requires ongoing effort and the necessary resources to do so properly.

Which is also why hiring professional pool cleaners in Perth is so important for you and your family’s safety. Unsanitary water is not something to take lightly as it poses serious health risks each time the pool is used.

Leave all the professional pool cleaning and maintenance services to us. At Blue Gum Pool and Spa Service, we can help you:

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