Cartridge Filters

  • ZX Series Pool and Spa Cartridge Filters

    ZX Cartridge Filters are a small compact design, that does not require a back washing line so they are ideal for places or situation where waste water disposal or water restrictions are in force. With the use of antimicrobial elements your pool or spa will be bacteria free and require less maintenance.

     Features & Benefits

    • Less maintenance required
    • Antimicrobial elements used for cleaner water
    • Flexible configuration
    • Available in 6 different sizes


    • ZX 50 Cartridge Filter
    • ZX 75 Cartridge Filter
    • ZX 100 Cartridge Filter
    • ZX 150 Cartridge Filter
    • ZX 200 Cartridge Filter
    • ZX 250 Cartridge Filter
  • Viron CL Cartridge Filters

    The Viron CL Cartridge Filter is one of the most effective ways of filtering particles and debris from your swimming pool or spa. The Viron cartridge filter also has the added benefit of requiring minimal maintenance. With the use of antimicrobial elements your pool water will be clean and healthy while requiring minimal maintenance. By reducing the need to clean the elements you will save up to 10,000 litres of water per year.

     Features & Benefits

    • Save up to 10,000 litres of what per year
    • Requires less maintenance
    • Fully injected molded body for strength and reliability
    • Available in two sizes


    • Viron CL400 Cartridge Filter
    • Viron CL600 Cartridge Filter

    Call Greg for huge savings off the whole Viron Cartridge Filter Range – 0408 951 417

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