AstralPool Viron Salt Chlorinators

The AstralPool Viron Salt Chlorinator is highly efficient and reliable for all pools or spas. The advanced electronic power supply are able to produce the precise amount of chlorine with low power consumption. The AstralPool Viron can be easily programmed using the touchpad. This device keeps energy costs to a minimum while keeping pools clean and healthy.


  • Sophisticated self cleaning
  • Reliable construction
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Filter backwash time


  • V18 Viron Salt Chlorinator 18gm/h up to 30,000lts
  • V25 Viron Salt Chlorinator 25gm/h up to 50,000lts
  • V35 Viron Salt Chlorinator 35gm/h up to 75,000lts
  • V45 Viron Sat Chlorinator 45gm/h up to 100,000lts

Contact Details

PO Box 342 Quinns Rocks  WA 6030


PO Box 342 Quinns Rocks WA 6030

Contact Details

Phone: 0408 951 417
Mobile: (08)9406 8000

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