AstralPool Viron eVo Series Pump

The P320 eVo is ideal for the average sized pool. The flow rate is sufficient to backwash up to 30” or 800mm diameter filters and is powerful enough to drive up to six spa jets. This pool pump comes with a crystal display that beautifully displays the RPM of the motor and each speed setting. The display also allows the priming time and flow rate to be easily adjusted.

The speed settings can be set with the inbuilt timer up to four time periods each day, allowing you to set the ideal flow rate depending on the size of the pool. Larger capacity pumps are often necessary for larger sized pools or infloor cleaning systems. The AstralPool P600 eVo Pump offers the perfect solution with its impressive 600 litres per minute flow rate.

Different speeds can be programmed for each time period for even greater flexibility. Speed selections and other special applications can also be enabled with the timeclock. The Viron P600 eVo Pump is a highly capable pool pump for even the most demanding applications all while being energy efficient. The electronic power factor correction further reduces its power consumption, even on maximum speed.

Features & Benefits

  • 8 star energy rating
  • Reduced Co2 emissions
  • Low noise levels
  • Longer equipment life
  • Saves up $800.00 per year in utility costs
  • Large LCD display
  • Adjustable timers


  • Viron eVo P320 Pump
  • Viron eVo P600 Pump

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PO Box 342 Quinns Rocks  WA 6030


PO Box 342 Quinns Rocks WA 6030

Contact Details

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Mobile: (08)9406 8000

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