AstralPool MX Gas Heater

The AstralPool MX Gas Heaters are designed by a leading manufacturer of exceptional pool equipment in Australia and are built with the latest in technology. This heater was designed to deliver high performance while also being energy efficient.

The result is a highly cost effective pool heater that can heat your pool in 8 hours. The heater is user friendly and is available for LP or Natural gas.


  • Cupro nickel heat exchanger
  • Genus IV LCD digital thermostat
  • Stainless steel and thermoplastic headers
  • Fast heating times


  • MX150 144 M/J
  • MX250 240 M/J
  • MX300 288 M/J
  • MX400 350 M/J

Contact Greg today at 0408 951 417 to have a new AstralPool MX gas heater installed for your pool.

Contact Details

PO Box 342 Quinns Rocks  WA 6030


PO Box 342 Quinns Rocks WA 6030

Contact Details

Phone: 0408 951 417
Mobile: (08)9406 8000

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